For as long as I can remember, I have been drawn to nature, for its functionality, spectacular design, beauty and movement it portrays.
My story begins, with spending copious amounts of time outside in the garden as a child. From exploring play time, gazing at the clouds, frolicking in the forest and fields of clover.

Early on, I was inspired by a family member who is an avid photographer and the minute I could handle a camera, I was taking photos of everything under the sun, including my favorite; florals and fauna.My official training as an artist started in high school, where I took every available art class throughout each semester and used any free time to sit outdoors or wander inside to the art room to experiment with a newly learned medium.

By the end of high school and outside of my own personal practise in illustration and photography, I achieved a considerable amount of artistic knowledge. This knowledge extended from a basis in art history, to mediums in acrylic paint, chalk pastel, silk screen, black room production, sculpture, graphic design etc.

Even though I did not pursue extended education in the fine arts, I always found ways to find new opportunities, subjects & inspiration for photography & illustration, in my free time. Many years of experiences later and meeting my now husband, also an artist, we both looked at each other one day and said, “we need to do art again; it’s part of who we are.” From there, we have been going strong, producing various amounts of art in our favorite mediums, as well as exploring a plethora of new materials now available.

In addition to this and to stretch my creative & tactile response, a few years ago I took a floral design program taught by some of the most talented and professional high-end designers in the floral industry. This delightful program opened up my creativity even more and also is a direct inspirational influence in my continuing to explore art and its many forms.

So, here I am today, driven to continue & share my artist expression, through the extensive inspiration nature provides as well as remembering the unique complexity of the human condition and how it is all relative, in making things bloom.

maike bloem

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